Yearly High Price

Yearly high stock price

Yearly Low Price

Yearly low stock price

Yield (for stocks)

The estimated dividends for the next 12 months divided by the current price, expressed as a percentage.

Yield Curve

A measure of the relationship between short-and long-term interest rates. Often the yields on three-month Treasury bills and 30-year Treasury bonds are compared. The yield curve is said to be positive when long-term rates are higher than short-term rates. When short-term and long-term rates are about equal, the yield curve is said to be flat. The yield curve is said to be inverted when short-term rates are higher than long-term rates

Yield to Maturity

The rate interest that will make the present value of cash flow from the security equal to its price.

Yield to Put (YTP)

The yield calculated to the date of the earliest put based on convertibel price, time to put, and coupon size.

Yield-Cost Margin (Thrift Industry)

The difference between interest rates earned (on loans and other earning assets) and interest rates paid (on deposits and other sources of funds).