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Value Line strives to keep the investment community informed of news and analysis which may impact their investment decisions. Led by our Director of Research, Richard Gallagher, and his team of analysts, each of our email newsletters provides exclusive content and timely updates every week.

Our open-access newsletter — Market Focus

Stay up to date on the market! Delivered weekly on Tuesdays, the Market Focus email newsletter features analysis on industries and individual stocks like the Dow 30. This publication is open to the general public and does not require a paid subscription to Value Line products. Subscribe online

Investment Research Newsletter – Exclusively for subscribers to our flagship product

The Investment Research newsletter is exclusively designed for online subscribers to our flagship product, The Value Line Investment Survey®. Each Monday morning, subscribers get access to key news and analysis, and distinctive commentary. The Investment Research newsletter provides insights and summaries of key events in the market, articles and supplementary reports designed to provide users with the most up to date information.

To become eligible to receive the subscriber Investment Research newsletter, order The Value Line Investment Survey online.

Richard Gallagher photo

Richard Gallagher – Director of Value Line Research

Richard Gallagher supervises more than 70 analysts, researchers and statisticians, and oversees the creation of Value Line's print and digital offerings. Rich has worked at Value Line for over 15 years and specializes in tracking Beverage stocks, as well as initiating coverage on new equities in a wide range of industries. Rich graduated with a degree in Management from Gettysburg College. He earned a certificate in Financial Analysis from NYU’s School of Continuing Studies and one for Value Investing from Columbia Business School.

Harvey Katz, CFA – Chief Economist & Research Chairman Emeritus

Harvey S. Katz, CFA (1944-2021) served as Value Line's Chief Economist, Managing Editor, and head of our Research department. A Chartered Financial Analyst, Mr. Katz was one of our most experienced editors and was with Value Line for four decades. He held a B.A. in History and an M.S. in Education from Queens College of the City University of New York. Prior to joining Value Line, Mr. Katz was an educator in the New York City school system.

The Weekly Market Strategist – For subscribers to The Value Line Daily Options Survey

In the ever-changing world of Options, our newsletter The Weekly Market Strategist is designed to both educate and enrich the investor's experience using The Value Line Daily Options Survey Online. In addition to our twice-daily updates, the weekly newsletter reports on a variety of topics from strategies on specific options, tutorials on how to use our screeners, and more! The Weekly Market Strategist newsletter is automatically included as part of your paid subscription. To become eligible, subscribe to The Daily Options Survey now.

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Bryan Fong - Senior Editorial Analyst

Bryan Fong oversees the creation of The Value Line Daily Options Survey and is a Senior Editorial Analyst, with nearly a decade of experience at Value Line. He specializes in the Reinsurance and Master Limited Partnership Industries and provides coverage in the e-Commerce and semiconductor capital equipment manufacturing spaces, as well as other sectors. Bryan holds a degree in Finance from Northeastern University.