The Value Line Investment Survey Library Edition



The online presentation of Value Line's Investment Survey Library Edition will be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever used Value Line's vaunted research system. The service includes full-page reports with analyst commentaries* as well as Timeliness™, Safety™ , and Technical™  ranks on the approximately 1,700 large cap companies.

Published weekly, each Survey Issue includes:

Ratings & Reports - This is the heart of the Value Line Survey. Every week on-line you'll receive new, full-page reports on about 130 stocks, plus analysis on about 6 of the more than 100 industries we track. Each stock report is updated on a regular rotation every 13 weeks, or 4 times a year.

Selection & Opinion - This is an insightful 12 - 16 page on-line publication featuring a discussion of the U.S. economy and the stock market, three model portfolios (for aggressive, conservative, and long-term investors) and in-depth analysis of selected stocks

Summary & Index - This is a 40-page on-line publication listing current data on approximately 1,700 stocks. It includes a variety of stock screens, which many investors find useful in identifying potential investments such as Stocks with Highest 3- to 5- year Price Potential, Best Performing Stocks last 13 weeks, Stocks with Highest (and Lowest) P/E Ratios, and more.

In addition, The Value Line Investment Survey Library Edition offers three-to-five year projections of key financial measures, and concise, objective commentary on current operations and future prospects.