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Thursday, October 21 2021

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Stock Market Today: October 21, 2021

William G. Ferguson | 10/21/2021

The U.S. equity market has moved steadily to the upside over the past two weeks. Powering stocks higher was an exceptionally strong start to the third-quarter earnings season. Some of the recent releases have included encouraging outlooks, which have been greeted positively by investors, who have been concerned about inflation, the possibility of slowing domestic growth, and the effects of the COVID-19 Delta variant strain.

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A Discussion of the Gross Domestic Product

Harvey S. Katz, CFA | 02/24/2020

The gross domestic product, popularly known as the GDP, is the total value of the output of all goods and services produced by labor and property within the United States.

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Markets Commentaries

GAAP, Items, And Adjusted Earnings - Sometimes a Strange Tale

Value Line Research Department | 02/24/2020

It is axiomatic that a company’s stock’s price is the present value of all future cash flows it is likely to pay out, and that earnings constitute one gage of a company’s economic value. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of smoke between published profits according to generally accepted accounting principles and the real output of a company.

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