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The Federal Reserve Issues Its Beige Book Amid Few Surprises
The selectively weaker stock market was at least treated to a generally benign Federal Reserve Beige Book economic summation. On point, the Fed noted that each of its 12 Federal Reserve Districts had experienced economic growth between mid-February and the end of March and that the pace of this improvement could be termed modest to moderate. In addition, the pickup was evident across the various economic regions of the country and the respective business sectors. Read more
Employment Situation Weakens Notably In March 2017
The U. S. Labor Department threw a real curve ball out at the economic expansion on this first week of the 2017 baseball season. Specifically, the March report from the U.S. Government showed that just 98,000 new jobs were added last month. Worse, initially estimated payroll gains for January and February were revised modestly lower. Read more
The Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates For The Second Time In Three Meetings
The nation's Federal Reserve Board, which may not always do what investors want, at least rarely surprises them these days. The lead bank earlier this afternoon opted to boost the federal funds rate by a quarter of a percentage point, there were few raised eyebrows. Of note, this move had been widely telegraphed in recent weeks, with the odds of an increase in borrowing costs being close to 100% in the days leading up to the Fed meeting. Read more
The Beige Book Paints A Generally Upbeat Picture Of The U.S. Economy
The Federal Reserve issued its Beige Book summation of the nation's economy. That compilation continued to paint a rosy picture of the U.S. economy. The central bank will now use the information taken from that closely watched summary to help it formulate monetary policy at its next FOMC meeting, which will commence on March 14th. Read more
The Federal Reserve Holds Its Fire
The Federal Reserve passed on the opportunity to make it two meetings in a row in which it had voted to raise interest rates, when its FOMC gathering concluded with the decision to stand pat on borrowing costs at this time. This widely expected decision came about even as a pair of strong economic reports had been issued earlier today. Read more
The Beige Book: A Look At The U.S. Economy At Year End

The Federal Reserve provided a look at the nation's economy at the turn of the year and indicated that the upturn was proceeding at a modest pace on average across most regions of the country. Better manufacturing metrics, generally decent retailing numbers (with the exception of a disappointing holiday season), and improving employment data underscored the generally decent outlook in place as we begin 2017.

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The Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates As Expected
An increasingly transparent Federal Reserve, which has widely telegraphed its intention to raise interest rates before the end of the year did just that minutes ago when the FOMC lifted the federal funds rate target from 0.50% to 0.75%. That was the first such move in a year. The action and the magnitude of the increase both had been expected. The stock market, not surprised by the outcome of the meeting, has responded with a shrug, with prices edging up modestly in the minutes following the bank's release, before subsequently giving back those gains in a modest retreat. Read more
Non-Manufacturing Activity Slows Its Rate Of Growth In October
Economic activity in the key non-manufacturing sector grew in October on an absolute basis, for the 81st month in a row, according to the nation's purchasing managers. In all, such activity registered a reading of 54.8 last month. That was comfortably above the neutral score of 50.0, which separates an expanding services sector from one that is contracting. Read more
The Federal Reserve Stands Pat On The Interest Rate Front, As Expected
The Federal Reserve has voted to keep short-term interest rates unchanged. This meant that the Fed has now held rates at their present level throughout the year, thus far. Last December, the bank shifted gears, raising borrowing costs slightly for the first time in nearly a decade. However, as yet, there has been no follow through, in part as the economy had wilted in the first half. The next Fed meeting, in mid-December, could see a rate hike, as the election will be over by that time. But there is no assurance that scenario will unfold. 
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Beige Book Shows A Continuing Constructive Economic Outlook
The Federal Reserve has issued its periodic Beige Book economic summation within the last hour and there were no surprises that would undermine in either the economy or the stock market. In fact, minutes after the widely anticipated release came out, the equity market's gains, already rather impressive today, were solidified even further, with the day's gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly rising toward 90 points before settling back again. Read more
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