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Industry Overview: Automotive
The Automotive Industry is comprised primarily of the world’s largest passenger automobile and light truck manufacturers. Through broad dealership networks, most members of the industry sell vehicles in the global market. The manufacturers offer a variety of makes and models, though there tends to be limited brand integration at the marketing, advertising, and dealership levels. Read more
Industry Overview: Entertainment Technology

The Entertainment Technology Industry consists of a wide variety of companies that provide products and services used in electronic devices and by entertainment firms.

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Industry Overview: Advertising

The Advertising Industry is divided into two types of marketing services companies: large international ad agency groups and other domestic-focused entities.

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Industry Overview: Beverage

The Beverage Industry is a mature sector that includes companies that market nonalcoholic and alcoholic items. Since growth opportunities are limited, many members of the industry endeavor to diversify their offerings to better compete and gain share. Too, they may pursue lucrative distribution arrangements and/or acquisitions to expand their operations and geographic reach.

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Industry Overview: Medical Supplies Invasive and Non Invasive

The Medical Supplies Industry is essentially a growth industry. Value Line divides the group into Medical Supplies Invasive and Medical Supplies Non Invasive. Medical Supplies companies manufacture and distribute a broad range of items, from surgical and dental instruments to elective laser surgery equipment to orthopedic products. The two major classes of customers served are hospitals and doctors offices.

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Industry Overview: Diversified Financial Services

The Financial Services (Diversified) Industry consists of a collection of companies that offer a wide variety of products and services. Asset managers and credit card companies are the two largest groups within the industry, but after that, little commonality exists. Thus, it is important not to paint the industry with too narrow an investment brush.

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Industry Overview: Public-Private Equity

The Public/Private Equity Industry consists of specialty finance companies and alternative investment managers. Firms operating in this industry invest in other companies, fixed income securities, and various assets, usually collecting management and advisory fees, interest income, and investment gains.

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Industry Overview: Paper and Forest Products

Companies in the Paper & Forest Products Industry primarily operate in the paper, lumber/building supply, and timberland markets. Investments in production machinery, harvesting equipment, land, and distribution make the industry capital-intensive. The sector, having a long history, is mature, but company operating results are dependent on the macroeconomic cycle.

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Industry Overview: Oilfield Services and Equipment

The Oilfield Services/Equipment Industry is made up of a mature set of companies, the fortunes of which are dependent on the drilling expenditures of oil and natural gas producers. Since demand for such fuels fluctuates with the economy, oilfield services stocks are considered cyclical. Companies in this industry are of two main types: those that rent drilling rigs and those that provide the various services required to evaluate, construct, and maintain oil and gas wells.

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Industry Overview: Packaging and Container

Companies within the Packaging & Container (P&C) industry serve a wide variety of markets, but most rely on the food-and-beverage, household products, and pharmaceutical sectors for the majority of business. Offerings from the industry mainly facilitate the dispensing and protection of products.

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