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Discovery Communications: A Short SWOT Analysis
Discovery Communications (DISCA) has had a rough 2015. The cable network operator is struggling to grow subscription levels amidst the technology-driven upheaval of the entertainment industry. As more viewers forego their cable contracts in favor of more cost-effective and convenient choices, how will Discovery ensure growth over the long haul? What moves has it made to promote top-line growth?  What can it do in the future to spur earnings increases? In this article, we attempt to answer these questions and more by performing an easy-to-follow SWOT Analysis, examining the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Read more
Using The Value Line Report: Visa, Are Its Strengths Reflected In The Stock Price
Most readers of this article need little introduction to Visa (V), as they can find at least one Visa credit or debit card in their wallet or purse. Visa is the world’s largest global payments technology company, operating in more than 200 countries. Its brand name is well recognized around the world. But are Visa’s strong points reflected in the stock price? Read more
Dow 30 Earnings: Wal-Mart Stores Fiscal Second Quarter 2015
Wal-Mart’s (WMT) fiscal second-quarter results were a tad below expectations. The stock fell 3% on the news hitting a 52-week low in the process Read more
Dow 30 Earnings: The Home Depot Fiscal Second Quarter 2015
Shares of The Home Depot (HD) rose moderately to an all-time high after the world's largest home-improvement retailer delivered upbeat fiscal second-quarter (ended August 2nd) results that were buoyed by the ongoing recovery in the U.S. housing market and increased its guidance. Read more
Dow 30 Earnings: Cisco Systems Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2015
Networking equipment maker and Dow-30 component Cisco Systems (CSCO) has reported solid fiscal fourth-quarter results. Its shares were up moderately, in response. Read more
Using a Value Line Report: Adding Pop to a Portfolio with Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola, or Coke, as it is often referred to by many, is more than just a popular carbonated soft drink made by The Coca-Cola Company (KO). Sure, the beverage, and its classic curvy signature logo, is recognized virtually all over the world as one of the most iconic symbols of American pop culture. But, in the world of equity investments, KO represents more than a fizzy nonalcoholic drink. Read more
Using The Value Line Report: Home Depot
In this installment of Using The Value Line Report, we will be taking another look at household products retailer Home Depot, Inc. and the factors that have contributed to the Dow stock’s somewhat meteoric ascent over the past few years. Read more
Dow 30 Earnings: The Walt Disney Company Third Quarter Fiscal 2015
After reporting mixed fiscal third-quarter (ended June 27th) results, entertainment and media conglomerate The Walt Disney Company saw its shares fall sharply in early morning trading. Though the company beat our share-earnings estimates by a nickel ($1.45 versus $1.40), owing partially to a lower-than-expected share count, a disappointing top-line performance ($13.10 billion against our $13.25 call) led to the downward price movement. Read more
Dow 30 Earnings: Chevron Corp. Second Quarter 2015
Chevron, the world's fourth-largest oil company based on proven reserves, saw its second-quarter sales and earnings fall sharply from a year earlier, as declines in oil and natural gas prices took a toll, as did costs associated with decommissioning rigs and facilities. Read more
Dow 30 Earnings: Exxon Mobil Corp. Second Quarter 2015
Oil giant Exxon Mobil has reported second-quarter share earnings of $1.00, close to our estimate, but significantly below the year-earlier tally. The steep decline in oil prices over the past year proved a major stumbling block for corporate results, as did lower natural gas price realizations. Read more
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