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Dow-30 Earnings: UnitedHealth Group – First Quarter 2014

UnitedHealth Group, the largest health insurance company in the United States, has announced first-quarter revenues that were below expectations, sending its stock lower following the announcement. Read more

Dow-30 Earnings: General Electric – First Quarter 2014

Industrial conglomerate General Electric posted first-quarter results that were generally in line with expectations. Too, the showing from its industrial segments was strong, likely the primary reason why its shares rose modestly, in response. Read more

Dow-30 Earnings: Du Pont – First Quarter 2014

Diversified chemicals manufacturer and Dow-30 component DuPont has posted solid first-quarter results. Its shares were off slightly on the news. 

Read more

Dow-30 Earnings: Goldman Sachs - First Quarter 2014

Investment bank and Dow-30 component Goldman Sachs (GS) reported first-quarter results that pleased investors, sending its stock modestly higher. Read more

Dow-30 Earnings: International Business Machines – First Quarter 2014

International Business Machines stock sold off after the global supplier of mainframe computers, software, and services reported March-quarter earnings that were in line with expectations, on disappointing revenues. Read more

Dow-30 Earnings: American Express - First Quarter 2014

Credit card issuer and Dow-30 component American Express (AXP) has delivered better-than-expected first-quarter earnings, but the stock slipped on the news, possibly because revenues missed the mark by a narrow margin. Read more

Coverage Initiation: CBOE Holdings, Inc. (CBOE)

Value Line has initiated coverage of CBOE Holdings, Inc. (CBOE) in its flagship product, The Value Line Investment Survey. It is the first and largest U.S. options exchange, with annual trading volume over one billion contracts. Read more

Dow-30 Earnings: Johnson & Johnson - First Quarter 2014

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) has reported solid fourth-quarter financials, as strong Pharmaceutical results allowed the company to make up for relative weakness in Consumer and MD&D. Read more

Dow-30 Earnings: Coca-Cola – First Quarter 2014

The Coca-Cola Company  got off to a slow start in 2014. Sales at the beverage giant declined 4% in the March quarter, while earnings also fell 4%, to $0.44 a share. Currency headwinds, particularly in Latin America, were a big drag, clipping 4% from revenues and reducing comparable operating income 10%. Read more

Coverage Initiation: ABB Ltd.

Value Line has initiated coverage of ABB Ltd. (ABB) in its flagship product, The Value Line Investment Survey. The company is a leader in global power and automation services, providing solutions aimed at boosting industrial productivity, increasing power grid reliability, and enhancing energy efficiency. Read more
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