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The Value Line Options Survey

Interactive Daily Analysis and Rankings of more than 200,000 Stock and Stock Index Options - Now with Bid and Ask Prices and Evaluations. — plus our new Online Options Screener.

What We Do
Every trading day, the Value Line options model looks at all regularly listed US stock, ETF and index options, evaluates them and (if the stocks are ranked by Value Line) ranks them from 1 (for buying) to 5 (for selling). We also rank the calls from 1 to 5 for covered call writing and the puts for "married put" buying.

We now make our new evaluations and rankings on both the bid and the ask prices available to subscribers twice a day (noon and at the close). With our new Interactive Options and Online Options Screener, you get intuitive, easy-to-use, access to our analysis and recommendations on more than 200,000 options, including about 80,000 longer-term options (LEAPS), and more. You also get online access to the latest issue of The Weekly Option Strategist (published 48 times a year), that provides vital information on how to best use our service.

Options at the Click of a Mouse
At our Interactive Options page, all you need to do is enter the stock (or index) ticker code to get our online analysis of all the options on that stock or index (both the bid and ask prices) that we cover. You can then sort the output (in ascending or descending order) by any of one of the headings shown.

More Detailed Option Information
If you want more detail on any of these the options, simple tag them and more detailed boxes appear with more than 30 fields of additional information and analysis (including vital covered call and put write yields).

Our Top 200 Strategy Picks
At our Interactive Options page, you can also get our 200 top picks for each of the major option strategies. (These are Call Buying, Put Buying, Uncovered Call Writing, Uncovered Put Writing, Covered Call Writing and "Married Put" Buying.)

At our Interactive Options page, you get the following analysis that only The Value Line Daily Options Survey can offer: options ranks (1 best for buying, 5 best for uncovered writing); covered call and "married put" ranks (1 best); historical volatility, implied volatility and our model's forecast of future volatility; recent market premiums (bid and ask) and our estimated "fair market" premium; and, the option's risk compared to the average stock. We also point with pride at our long-term track record.

Our Online Options Screener
Our Online Options Screener gives you the tools to search the entire options market with just a few clicks of the mouse. You use more than 40 different search criteria, including: covered call or put write yield, most under or over priced, highest or lowest implied volatility and highest or lowest time decay.

Online Portfolio Tracking
Now you can track your options portfolio by entering the option tickers as "cookies" directly at our website. You can add as many contracts as you wish and you can edit these tickers anytime you like. These options along with their prices and ranks will appear at our website. You can also download the entire records for each of these options for use in our portfolio tracking and position evaluation templates.

Spreadsheet File for Download
Every day, you can also download our analysis on more than 130,000 options in our spreadsheet files. Clients find the data in this file invaluable for finding the options that best suit their investment objectives. To see a sample of one of our daily spreadsheet files, Click Here. We support our daily spreadsheet files with a number of useful spreadsheet templates, which let you do things such as analyze positions, evaluate your options portfolio and track performance. Click Here to Whatsample.xls for a sample of our position analysis template.

How Does My Subscription Work? Order Online Now. We assign you a user code and password to access The Value Line Daily Options Survey anytime you want over your subscription period. If you are not completely satisfied with The Value Line Options Survey, you may notify us within 30 days of the start of your subscription for a full refund.

To help you get started you will also have access to the following manuals online:

The Value Line Daily Options Survey: A Quick Study Guide—How To Get Started

How to Invest Using Options—The Complete Guide to Using Value Line Options