Stock Market Today: October 9, 2015
It was a good week to be long equities. It may have been the case of some deep bargain hunting after a tumultuous and mostly bearish fortnight of trading on Wall Street prior to this five-day stretch, but we also think that the return of some stability to the trading arena, at least for the moment, brought investors back into a market that was clearly oversold entering the week. It was a rather quiet week on both the earnings and economic fronts, and we did not get any shocks from the international market, particularly from China, that roiled the equity market last month. And the uncertainty about the Federal Reserve, while still there, was not front and center on the minds of traders. Overall, it was the best five-day stretch for equities this year, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbing more than 600 points and finishing north of the 17,000 mark. That said… Read more
Stock Market Today: October 8, 2015
After struggling to find direction throughout the first two-thirds of the day, the major U.S. stock market indexes rallied in late-afternoon trading following the release of minutes from the September 16th-17th Federal Reserve meeting. Read more
Stock Market Today: October 7, 2015
Wall Street turned in a constructive session today ahead of the start of earnings season. There was some volatility, though, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped some 170 points shortly after the opening bell, only to see those gains turn into modest losses later in the morning. But the Dow regrouped and, at the close, ended 122 points higher. Elsewhere, the NASDAQ gained 43 points and the S&P 500 was better by 16 points. Market breadth told a broadly favorable story, with more than three stocks advancing for every declining issue on the New York Stock Exchange. Read more
Stock Market Today: October 6, 2015
It was a mixed to slightly weaker day of trading on Wall Street, following a pair of outsized wins. The large-cap dominated Dow Jones Industrial Average was helped by strong showings from a few of its blue-chip stocks, while the broader S&P 500 Index and the technology heavy NASDAQ were hurt by a weak performance from the healthcare sector. Read more
Stock Market Today: October 5, 2015
The major U.S. stock market indexes began the week on an optimistic note, opening notably higher and steadily adding to these gains throughout the day. This extension of Friday’s large reversal came as investors continued to digest the exceptionally weak monthly nonfarm payrolls report, particularly with respect to its implications on the timing of an interest-rate hike by the Federal Reserve. Read more
Stock Market Today: October 2, 2015
It was another volatile day of trading on Wall Street, which has been the norm for the better part of the last six weeks. Investors—as reflected by the light trading volume once again—are not showing any conviction these days, with uncertainty about a number of issues making them skittish. Read more
Stock Market Today: October 1, 2015
The U.S. stock market moved sharply lower this morning, with the Dow surrendering more than 200 points at its nadir. But stocks managed to recover considerable ground later in the afternoon, and closed narrowly mixed. At the end of trading, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is was off just 13 points, while the S&P 500 Index was ahead four points, and the NASDAQ gained seven points. Read more
Stock Market Today: September 30, 2015
The major U.S. equity indexes, taking their cue from overseas trading, started the session sharply to the upside, with a favorable reaction to China’s announcement of some stimulus measures to jump start that country’s slowing economy (more below) giving equities a boost. The initial gains were pared notably by the midday hour on the East Coast, but the buying picked up again over the final few hours of trading and the averages rose anew. Read more
Stock Market Today: September 29, 2015
The major U.S. equity averages, on the heels of Monday’s outsized losses, including a setback of 143 points for the NASDAQ, started today’s session briefly to the downside, with traders taking their cue from overseas. Then the market, with an assist from a strong reading on consumer confidence from the Conference Board, rallied into positive territory and held the gains to varying degrees through the midday hour on the East Coast. Read more
Stock Market Today: September 28, 2015
It was not a good day to be long either equities or commodities, as both markets were slammed today. There was a confluence of factors that came together to take measure of both markets, most prominently escalating concerns about the health of the global economy. That, along with uncertainty about when the Federal Reserve will begin to tighten the monetary reins and worries about what the fast-approaching third-quarter earnings season will bring are pressuring equities. Read more
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