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Value Line® Select Q&A

What is Value Line Select?
 Value Line Select provides subscribers a 15- to 20-page detailed report recommending a specific stock, on a monthly basis. Once a stock is recommended, subscribers are kept abreast of developments through Supplementary reports that include updated Buy, Hold, or Sell recommendations.

What is the investment philosophy of Value Line Select?
 Our goal is to identify high-quality companies whose stocks have superior total return potential.

What stocks are in the portfolio?
 Once a stock is recommended, it becomes part of the Select portfolio. Supplementary reports identifying the individual stocks can be found on the "subscribers-only’’ portion of the website.

How Has the Select portfolio done over the years?
  We are proud to report that Value Line Select has outpaced the averages, nine times in its 14-year history, including three of the last four years. 

Is there a selection every month – even if the stock market is going down?
 Yes, there is a selection each and every month. That said, the stock recommendations will reflect current market conditions, and the report narrative will describe the risks of purchasing the stock at that specific point in time.

Who picks the stocks?
 The portfolio manager and the Select committee, composed of senior research personnel, meet regularly to discuss and choose the monthly selection.

When will subscribers receive the monthly report?
 The report is typically posted on the website at midnight on the last Friday of each month, and the report is also mailed so that subscribers get the report on the last Saturday of each month. Occasionally the report is sent earlier in the month, to take advantage of market conditions and opportunities.

What content are new subscribers entitled to?
 New subscribers will get new recommendations as they are issued, and will also receive updates (known as supplements) on all of the stocks that are in the portfolio, even if the initial recommendation was made before the subscription began.

In addition, the initial full reports for stocks previously recommended (and not yet sold) are now available online to subscribers. This enhancement will enable new subscribers to obtain a more-complete understanding of each company’s operations, and will allow subscribers to review the rationale for our initial recommendation. That said, subscribers are reminded that the historical reports reflect our assessment and recommendation as of the date of the original publication, and may not necessarily reflect our current assessment or accurately describe current conditions. Subscribers are advised to review the most recent Supplementary Reports for our most up-to-date recommendation.

Does each recommendation fit ALL subscribers?
 The recommendations each carry their own unique risk and reward characteristics. The report narrative will identify what sort of investor (i.e.. aggressive or conservative, multiyear- or intrayear-holding period) may be most interested  in each stock selection. That said, it is the sole responsibility of each subscriber to determine the advisability of purchasing shares of the recommended stock, according to their personal investment objectives.