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Monday, June 25 2018

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Stock Market Today: June 25, 2018

William G. Ferguson | 06/25/2018

As the new week on Wall Street is set to begin, we expect the attention of the investment community to be on trade relations and the business beat, especially with roughly three weeks to go before the second-quarter earnings season commences. On the economic front, we will receive reports on new home sales (later this morning), durable goods orders, consumer confidence, and the final revision to the first-quarter GDP estimate. With less than a half hour to go before the state of trading stateside, the equity futures are indicating a lower opening for the U.S. stock market.

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The Federal Reserve Does The Expected, But Says What Was Unexpected

Harvey S. Katz, CFA | 06/13/2018

This afternoon, an increasingly transparent Federal Reserve Board raised its target on the federal funds rate by 25 basis points, or one-quarter of a percentage point. That move was widely expected and taken by itself should not have elicited much reaction by the markets. What Wall Street was not necessarily expecting was a suggestion that the lead bank was aiming for two additional rate hikes this year.

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Dow 30 Earnings: Cisco Systems Third Quarter Fiscal 2018

Kevin Downing | 05/17/2018

Networking equipment and software maker Cisco Systems (CSCO) has reported in-line results for the April quarter. Total revenue of $12.5 billion was slightly higher than our $12.4 billion estimate, and grew 4% year over year. Product sales rose 5%, while service revenue only advanced 3%. The latter was somewhat worse than investors had been looking for, and the shares declined marginally as a result.

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